Live: Now you can Pledge Government Securities on Dhan

@Beena Hi, we have updated the list of G-Secs for pledging. Please find the list here.

Can I use pledged margin to trade in both F&O and Commodity Futures and options?
And what is secondary market and how to trade over there?

@iamslk94 yes, you can use it to trade in all segments. Read more on this here - Full post: Margin Benefits & Pledge Shares Experience for Trading on Dhan

Thanks for the reply

Is there a list of all the securities which can be pledged be it stocks,etfs,bonds,gsecs
which i can filter and can you pin the sheet to the main post so we can easily track

@iamslk94 here is the list - Dhan: Collateral Cash Equivalent for Margin Utilisation - Google Sheets

How to use my soverign gold bond taken on icici net banking on 28 jun 22 on dhan for options trading

@venkata.mannem You need to transfer them to Dhan DP and then you can pledge them. You can refer this post here to know step by step procedure to transfer Shares to Dhan.

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Thanks @ lot @iamshrimohan

Good to know Amit, what could be the abvg returns of this. Around 5% p.a atleast ?

@pavz ,

In a short duration there can be up/down but in the long term I think it can match up to FD returns!

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