LTP is not showing at Order List items and Charting Shortcut not available

In Mobile app there is some problems,

  1. LTP is not showing in Order List (Open/Executed) items. Which forces us to add the item in the watch list and go there for Checking LTP. Sometimes we will place orders directly from option chain itself. When we come back to order book after that, I cannot track LTP. So again I should open Option Chain or I should add item in any watchlist then track the price. If this is the case what is the use of trading directly form Option Chain? instead i could have added item in watchlist first then start placing order. Think if I need to track 10 symbols order, each items I need to add it to watchlist and track LTP.

Note: LTP in order list is showing in Web version. It is not showing in Mobile app. This is a serious lack.

2)There is no option to open Chart of Particular script from order List items.
3)There should be an option to launch Forever orders from Order List /Position List for that particular script.

Hi @er.thiyagaraju ,

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  1. We do show the LTP in the Order List → Open Items in our mobile app. Here’s the example :point_down:

Please let us know if you meant other screens/ feature please let us know with a screenshot/video recording.

  1. You can navigate to a chart of particular scrip from the order list items by clicking on the scrip → Trade & manage position on chart

  1. We have the option of launching Forever orders from Position list


above screenshots taken from Positions Page, Please scroll to Orders page (Open Orders) and see there there is no LTP is shown. We are unable to See the LTP there. Each time to see LTP we should go to Watchlist and See it. Desktop there is no issue. Mobile app (Android) has this issue.