Market depth while placing order

HI!! When we are placing an order either limit or market it should show the market depth below so that one can take an informed call or change the price in case of limit order. The same feature should also be there for basket orders.

Hi @amk20000, Market Depth is available on Order Placement screens on Dhan app. Please check if you are on the latest app, if yes - then under Trader Control’s the setting must be off. You will have to turn on the - ‘Show Best Bid-Ask on Order Page’.

It is second last control.

am using web and not app. Is there an option there as well? Also the margin issue is still not sorted out (hedge benefit)

On web, market depth is always available on watchlist + also when you take position, it is on manage positions view as well.

Hi @Beena,

We have noted this. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

The original post is old one.

Hi @Beena… Dhan has Market Depth on all pages - When you open any scrip, it has market depth. On Order Placement as well and also when you take a position, tap on it to Manage Position, you will see Market Depth here. Let know what is missed.

Hi @Beena, this is on the Web. Market Depth for same can be opened from Watchlist on left side.

Hi @Beena

Thank you for sharing your suggestion we have noted your feedback. We will look at the options for having this.

Hi @Beena

Yes, noted Thanks