Moved to dhan from other broker

Just moved from other broker to dhan
Initial impression was good
Have found few of issues

  1. some features like insights, allocation & p&l not working and it throws error you need 6 holding even though I have 22 holdings ( transferred from different broker)

  2. Delisted stocks with active ISIN number is not showing

  3. haptic feedback keeps on turning on everytime i reopen application

  4. only few sme IPO are available for investment

Hi @Babu, Welcome to Dhan and also to Dhan community. Noted your feedback, sharing comments here…

  1. Not sure if we have designed this for share-transfer use-case, it’s done from perspective of buying on dhan and enough data available to show portfolio analytics. Point taken, we will add this use-case as well.

  2. Yes, this is as per our understand. Any reason you want to see this, it will always have incorrect values and our systems will show errors as everything we show you on portfolio including analytics, etc are in real-time.

  3. Request to please upgrade the app, we have fixed this in latest build of Dhan app.

  4. Yes, this is work in progress. In a few weeks we should be able to show all, we will announce when done.

@PravinJ thanks and appreciate for you reply

  1. Please make this feature available for transferred shares too

  2. Reason is mismatch in investment value without adding Delisted stocks,my investment value shows less,so that won’t be able to track my exact profit and loss
    I was actually wanted to suggest dhan for my mother as she hold huge value in Delisted stocks
    In these case we can’t track how much we lost in investment

  3. I believe I’m on latest version of dhan app which is 1.0.33 and playstore doesn’t have any other latest version of dhan app

For 3, let me have this looked into. We moved from app cache storage to server side storage for this, will reverify. Just in case, try clearing your app cache.

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Already did those things clearing data & cache memory
Still have same issue

  1. It’s working now thanx
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Awesome. Will look at the haptik one.

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