OHLC values on Open Interest timeseries

Open Interest Indicator is good, it provides whether OI is trending but is relatively very tricky and mostly useless unless combined with looking at the change at different time intervals.

Since this problem is actually solved for the price of the symbol, with OHLC values showing the nett change (and additionally application of candlesticks on to the OHLC really helps).

I would suggest and request to provide the similarity to Open Interest with OHLC (similar to the price), so other indicators could be applied in the timeseries interval such as RSI or moving averages or supertrend and then people can make effective trading decisions by correctly interpreting the OI trend vis-a-viz the price movement.

This would be unprecedent killer feature if and when implemented and I am sure traders would be thronging to such implemented view on your platform for the very such thing it provides a huge value.

Price action theory/practice could be employed when this happens. Please help provide this.

@PravinJ please check

cc @Dhan_Help @Dhan please check on this