One Tap CALL to PUT and vice versa in Options Trading


I’d like to suggest that Dhan should build a functionality where there is One-Tap CALL to PUT buying, or likewise PUT to CALL switching. I understand that both the contracts are different, and this wouldn’t be a single trade, but let me explain why this is the most pressing need for today’s Option traders.

1. Market is SIDEWAYS majority of the time: Unlike a few and handful trending days in a month, BN and NIFTY are mostly sideways. In a Sideways market, a CALL option usually rises 10-15 points and then the PUT option follows the rise. This continues for hours.

2. High chances of leakage when switching from CALL to PUT or vice-versa: As most option traders (or scalpers like me) may agree, exiting a CALL position and instantly buying a PUT option in a sideways market, creates a leakage of at least 8-10 points, ultimately leaving only 5 points in hand. Option Trader app by Dhan can further leverage it’s claim of Lightening Fast experience by adding this functionality so Intraday Option traders like me are able to truly book maximum points/profit.

PS: Most option traders don’t mind doing more trades, but having this ability will give a confidence to put more monies in our Dhan wallets and get more profits.


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