Option trading issue in Tradingview chart

hi there, @PravinJ @Naman
I have faced issues while trading options on tradingview chart.
Theres no option to place the order from watchlist for selected strike price, if I have to place an order I have to select the option chart for the selected strike price and in that case I am unable to see NIFTY/ BANKNIFTY Spot chart as it opens selected option strike price chart.
This is spoiling my trading experience.

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Hi @musheb
We are using trading-view library and wanted to keep the same native experience.

You can track underlying index together with option scrip either by using the multi screen layout or adding the scrip in the same watchlist so that you can track side by side.

Apart from that, we have web.dhan.co also as the web trading platform where you can find all the features you requested, and experience them.

Hope this helps!