Options Summary - OI in (ITM & OTM) VS (PE vs CE)

This my First post and novice here

So i was checking out Options summary in dhan.co and notice that dhan have beautifully given tools to help us analyse Options. In there, there’s a column (OI, OI Change and OI change in %) and then values of ITM and OTM is given respectively…

Now maybe because i am newbie, so i don’t know what am talking about but would’t it be more helpful if (OI, OI Change and OI change in %) are of Call and Put instead of ITM and OTM. Since total and change in OI of pe or ce be more helpfull than ITM and OTM…

Sorry Please correct me if am being wrong… I have never heard any one mentioning to notice Total OI and change in OI in ATM or ITM… But i have quite often heard about Noticing Total OI and Change in OI of Call and PUT.
Again sorry if its stupid request.


Hi @SunnytHeTrader

Welcome to community.

Valid suggestion. Traders do look Open Interest of combined OTM & ITM. Yes you are correct, combined OI of Call & Put is also used. We have given individual Call & Put OI on scrip page & on option chain.
Your suggestion is welcome we will discuss this and try to incorporate in our roadmap.

PS: Everyone starts their journey at some point and no request is stupid.

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“We have given individual Call & Put OI on scrip page”.
i cant find this anywhere… I can see total oi and oi change by Strike price but not as total pe side and ce side.

Maybe i failed to convey what am asking/suggesting…
I mean if we can see Total OI (oi, change, change in oi %) of Call side and of side Put then maybe we can understand market Sentiment

i have checked On scrip page. i even checked out Advance Open chain there also one can only see OI information but it is per strike price on ce and pe side but not as total pe and total ce.

Feature am asking for is TOTAL (Combined of ATM+OTM+ITM)'s OI (oi, change, change in oi %) of CE and TOTAL (Combined of ATM+OTM+ITM)'s OI (oi, change, change in oi %) of PE
this information are provided in sensibull and opstra but behind a premium service… But if everything else is provided on Dhan then it make no sense to buy premium just to see onething.

or I will have to download Option chain everyday and sum OI in excel and conclude what am looking for.

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Hey @SunnytHeTrader ,

You have asked a very valid and basic question.

Adding to your observation, there is no weekly data provided, though daily huge volumes are been traded in the weekly expiries. In today’s extreme volatile markets, not sure if any trader would ignore the weekly data analysis.

It’s a long pending ask from the community, but may be a low a priority task in the Dhan’s product backlog.

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