Options trader app - No refresh button on chart

Hi team - We need refresh button on chart. It is available on Dhan app but not in options trader app. Sometimes underlay volume gets hung up so we need refresh button to get back to normal. Kindly add it soon!

Checkout below.

Dhan app:

Options Trader app:

Hi @pratik01

Thanks for highlighting this. We will have our team check and update this.

Hi @pratik01

The chart refresh button will be added in the upcoming build for the options trader app.

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Hi @Divyesh - Refresh button still not available in options trader ChartIQ. Recently, I’ve also dropped an email regarding this. Kindly add it soon!

@Naman @RahulDeshpande kindly help & do the needful in next build. Thx!

Hi @pratik01

We already have your feedback with us. Once we got any confirmation regarding this we will surely implement this.