Order changes from "NORMAL" to "INTRADAY" in Trading Panel after using Click to Trade button

I am loving Dhan TV so far! Exactly what is needed by the young traders! Just very small bugs needs to be fixed which will make this experience the best in the industry! I see no competitor providing the features you are providing.

I have been observing this bug for quite a while now. The order changes from “NORMAL” to “INTRADAY” while using the “Click to Trade” button. I generally take care of it but in hurry, it can become a mess during the last 15 minutes of trading FnO because of auto square in intraday orders. Incase of a missed order modification during last minutes of scalping, it can cause a loss due to the auto square off.

Please fix this issue :wink: [Instant Order Placement and BUY/SELL Buttons are not enabled while performing these actions]

Screen Recording 2022-05-30 at 1.19.30 PM

@PravinJ This one is also a very crucial issue for traders who do last 15 minutes scalping. Will be great if it can be fixed too in the next release! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi @PravinJ @Naman , The issue has been fixed in equity with title “Delivery” but it’s still not right and lil glitchy on derivates.

Here is the screen capture for reference

Screen Recording 2022-06-02 at 12.17.37 PM

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Hey @PravinJ ,

Agree with @ayaan, faced the same issue and ended up with unwanted trades.

Also, from TV can’t covert Intraday position to Normal overnight, which should be also fixed.

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Hey @Dhan_Help ,

Can you please look into this issue?

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