Order Rejected from Exit all positions

Today , i was squaring off my call and put calendars using exit all positions.

Call calendars exited successfully but Sold leg of the put got rejected ,

Mentioned reason was as follows:

I tried twice , but rejected twice.Than i squared off from individual mode.

Order executed from individual exit mode.

Can anyone tell what is rejection reason.

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Hi @bsjhala - exact reason our customer service will be able to tell you, request you to write on help@dhan.co. From error message - it looks odd if it wasnt placed in pre-open session.

No it was not placed in pre opening session.

It was placed in afternoon session.

Further, there were 4 positions , except these , other were executed.

Pls refer order number and get details.

I request to pls check what was the root cause for .

Same orders were executed when placed individually.

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