PNL Report issue & Features to be added

and yes my other friend is also moving out from such a suspicious earn mobney from brokerage and some hidden charges.
openly taking margin penalky even sebi has circular

Looks like other features and everything is more important than P&L Report for your platform. I mean this should have been on the priority and must have been fixed. But every time we drop a mail excuse’s comes up. @PravinJ you really have built a great platform but missed the basic requirement of P&L report and didn’t focus on that, in today’s time other brokers offer P&L to view within the platform but yours has go through email. Some other way through traiders dairy which doesn’t even calculate the p&l if I’m doing BTST and doesn’t recognise that what I’ve sold is the same I bought yesterday. Apps and website are full of many unused features that it looks like a jungle, most of the time i have search each and every option just to look what i need. And thats not enough, i mean why 2 apps required, keep everything simple in 1 app. This is really frustrating

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Dhan has refunded all margin penalties. This is incorrect information, if there is anyone stating that - it’s wrong. More on that here: Important Update: Reversal of Penalty on Shortfall of Upfront Margin

Our P&L reporting has improved a lot and continues to improve based on the feedback we receive. If there are specific feedback on incorrect information or data: please share that with us and we will review and resolve. Whenever there are any errors, we acknowledge and resolve, operate very transparently.

There are no hidden charges whatsoever, as a broker we get audited by all exchanges and depositories and not allowed to do so. Any instance if any user feels there is a charge that is not understood, our team happily explains that.

Hi @Sachinkm, let us know the specific case you are referring to for BTST trades, will check this. Request you to share with @Dhan_Help at

first of all sebi has barred you from taking any margin in the first place you are wrong to take penalties.
dpc interest you are taking no other broker has taken such interest.
so dont give reason that we have given back this and that.
you have charged incorrectly on the first place

Hi @Saurabh88 the post has full details, stock broking industry was discussing with exchanges / regulators on the penalty for which reversal was pending, post that we have reversed it. Full post: Important Update: Reversal of Penalty on Shortfall of Upfront Margin

DPC is Interest that is charged for usage of broker funds. Every stock broker that allows usage of funds charges this if not under head of DPC, then some other head probably. To avoid these, always trade with will own / full margins. Additionally, all these margins are reported to exchanges on a daily basis.

Additionally, we have waived off all interest charges on delivery based transactions: Pricing Update: Dhan is waiving off DPC Interest on Delivery-based Transactions | w.e.f 1st Oct'22


But but but i am not going to come back with my half cr capital to you due to your so lame ane poor p&l and back office.

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Why dhan is not giving proper attention to PNL system??

I have attached Zerodha PNL screenshot, see how clear presentation of realized profit, charges and Net Profit. Why dhan is struggling to improve pnl report??

Also, why not showing corporate actions and ipo shares profit in PNL.

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Hello Pravin,

I am sorry, but let me clarify your ‘choice of words’’ on this post that your team member said during our conversation that he will reply/correct after the phone call, but never did …

  1. I am NOT sending emails to clarify my queries … I am sending email with snapshots to report out serious PROBLEMS in your P&L calculations. All the reported problems over past 6+ months have been long acknowledged by your team members in person during conversation … but they shy away from accepting it here in the forum.
  2. I am not interested in your team sending emails to check … I am looking for a solutions that team have been promising. Ask is simple - P&L statement that one can trust !!
  3. I have sent multiple screenshots wherein 3 different places in your Dhan website shows 3 different values. No clue on which one to trust. How do you think you will like if you log into your bank account and have no idea on your money’s whereabouts and how much ??

Last week conversation, it was told that new P&L will be released that will solve the reported problems. I am yet to hear about it.

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Hi @Sunitha as discussed over the call last week, I have checked in detail and seems there is some misunderstanding in perceiving the trader’s diary and hence the PnL report. We are preparing a detailed article (considering all the possible scenarios) on how to read the trader’s diary, that will resolve your issues. Will call you once that post is up.

Mam please shift from this lame system where you cant see p&l on app nor in dhan have to email to yourself.
I have completely shifted from this broker.i will stay with FYERS for the same as nothing new here except flashy app.

@Vishwajeet @nmw @ArpitRana @Roshan @jay @Techanalysis @Sunitha @vips0099 @Saurabh88 @Sachinkm

Please click here for a detailed article on Understanding the Trader’s Diary. It will help resolve most of your queries.

You can feel free to reach out for any specific query, would be happy to address and resolve.

@iamshrimohan @PravinJ @Kiran @Sachinkm , In trader diary main screen, what is showing is Realized profit… So it would be great if you show Net Realized profit instead Realized profit.

Other thing is that, in Net Realized profit ,you deduct all charges and brokerage. But if we buy some share through MTF then the interest charged by dhan using MTF is included in charges or not.

If not included then plz make some separate column and deduct from realized profit along with charges and brokerage.

Also, in Trader diary we have daily and monthly view style, so it would be great when you show total net realized profit from day -1 of account opening to till date. So, It will be easy to know Net profit instantly. Also, Corporate actions and IPO alloted shares profit is not shown in PNL report so how to know that profit and what is your planning to show that profit in Trader diary.

Because what I have get email from dhan regarding profit is not clear and understandable and in that report corporate actions and IPO alloted share profit ia not included.

I have told this thing multiple times in this community and through mail also but till now no improvement in PNL system. No body knows their Net realized profit till date from dhan report. So this is very serious issue and you people are not giving proper attention to handle this.

Please give some deadline when you will fix all these issues what I have mentioned earlier.

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Trader’s Diary is primarily made to capture the trade and trade related profit or less. Any other charges for example MTF interest charges will be captured in the ledger only (not even contract note for that matter). In Trader’s Diary, we have custom view in which you can set your dates as per your need. It should be noted that only realized profit is captured. Corporate Actions and IPO cannot be captured in the Trader’s Diary. We will soon revamp the P&L report that will solve this issue as well. Based on received feedback we will continue upgrading our product


Sir, While revampi P&L report, please make us to download P&. L report in Excel format also. It will be very useful for filing IT.
I hope you to do so .

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Hi @PSR noted this feedback, will ensure to add this on the next update.


Ok Sir. Thank you for the reply.

The P&L report in dhan is the worst. Even the 2 nd standard child calculation notebook is much better. Dhan is not taking priority to these statements, even after most users request. The look & feel in zerodha is awesome. It helps us to review our trading decisions. It is a basic thing in trading.

If we ask/ request anything, their reply is just we are building everything in a year which other brokers build over many years. I accept dhan is just one year old. But compare the brokerage charged by 10 years old strong core trading broker & dhan. Both are same. Then what is wrong in expecting the same experience from a 10 years broker.


Sir, it’s been over one year but your p&l report is not improved yet… I think before giving new features you should first concentrate on PNL report…every report of dhan is incomplete and not understable.

If we take example of system generated report which I get on mail id is incomplete report… Because in that corporate actions and IPO alloted shares profit is not included, so how can I know exact profit till date??

Also, like Zerodha, you should have clear and simple report with four figures like Total Realized profit and Un realized profit , brokerage ,govt. charges , taxes and MTF interest .

So, in a single view one can know total profit of trading.

Also, if I take example of trader diary, it is also not complete report… It has realized and net Realized profit but not included corporate actions and MTF interest charges.

Also, there is daily and monthly profit figures in trader diary but you should also show till date total realized profit and net Realized profit.

You can see zerodha and other platform pnl report… Which is very clear and simple to understand. I don’t know how many years you people need to make simple PNL report. Always on asking, dhan gives same repetitive Statment to revamp PNL report but till now no improvement at all. It’s a basic foundation of any broker .


Hi @Vishwajeet Corporate Actions cannot be captured in the P&L report (For example, Dividend gets credited to your bank account directly by the RTA. Bonus and Splits have no effect on your P&L as the effect is rationalized in price and quantity). For IPO, we are working towards adding that in P&L, it should be done in the next update.

In Trader’s Diary, currently we show the realized profit. Here as well, corporate actions cannot be captured. Also, MTF Interest are part of your Ledger and not trade. That maybe included in your Tax P&L report (as expense for trade).

The next version of P&L and Tax P&L will resolve issues faced. For any specific issues, feel free to drop us a line on and our team at @Dhan_Help will assist with same.