"Putting the 'Options' in Dhan Options: Call for Action"

Dear Dhan team,

As an rregular user of your Dhan Options platform, I wanted to share some feedback and suggestions with you to improve the user experience. The purpose of this correspondence is to offer insights on how to make the Dhan Options platform more productive and user-friendly.

Firstly, I would like to commend you for developing such a comprehensive platform for options trading. However, I have noticed some areas where improvements can be made. For instance, the icon position of the options chain button is in the wrong position, which makes it difficult to access the options chain quickly. Additionally, I have observed that open interest data is not available on Dhan Options, and I have to switch to Dhan Home to access this data. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of trading.

As an options trader, these issues are of critical importance to me. I strongly believe that if the name of the platform is Dhan Options, then the options chain button should be a significant feature, easily accessible from the main screen and from everywhere on the Dhan Options dedicated segment. Furthermore, open interest data is an essential component of options trading, and it should be available on the Dhan Options platform.

In addition, some of the data on the platform gets overlapped, which makes it feel very bulky and overwhelming to navigate. To make the platform more user-friendly, it would be helpful to have a more streamlined design that enhances productivity.

Lastly, I am reaching out to you to request that you consider these suggestions to enhance the Dhan Options platform. I believe that improving the user experience will lead to more satisfied and loyal traders and, ultimately, better business outcomes for your company.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hi @pkvvis Thanks for the kind words Pankaj. Have made note of your suggestions and we continue to improve experience on Dhan with such feedback and suggestions.

I didn’t get the first part, where you think the options chain button is incorrectly placed? There are few things that users on Dhan, specially option trader user…
a. in Watchlist you can add shortcuts to Option Chain- with that it is always available for you to access from any watchlist of your choice.
b. if you are using Options Trader on web (ot.dhan.co), here shortcut links to option chain are available on dashboard itself.

We are working on optimising Options Chain across all platforms, and also introduce some additional features + analytics that traders will find helpful in coming days. We will keep posting updates on the community.