Regarding options trading app core infrastructure

Hi @PravinJ - You mentioned multiple times in multiple posts that currently your team is working on improving core infrastructure and refresh rates. This is excellent step🔥

My question is will these improvements applicable for Options Trader app as well or currently will be only for the Dhan app?

(My guess is since underlying core infrastructure is same for both the apps it wil be applicable and inherited by both the apps)

Let us know!

Hi @pratik01, yes - some of the things on that roadmap are already getting implemented on our core trading systems, backend and with every release on apps & webs. Dhan App is bit ahead on these releases, Options Trader app follows the sequence a week or two later.

Yes, underlying core infra we use remains same across all our products - Dhan, Options Trader, Web, TradingView, APIs, any partner integrations and likes.

Options Trader is up for design update on Glass version, we expect to pick this up soon and also bring more capabilities on Option Trader app along with Custom Strategy Builder.

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