Regarding session logout

Hello team,

I noticed that a few days back I got logged out automatically during active market hours. Might be due to programmed session time-over. Fortunately i did not take trade. This might be disastrous for a scalpe trader.

Please make changes so that we are not logged out during active market hours.

As a precaution i intentionally logout and login everyday just before market opens to reset session. (Does this works?)

Overall great trading experience.

Requesting you to do the needful. Thanks!

Hi @pratik01

Sessions on Dhan depends on many things, and is not just limited to market hours. If you are actively browsing Dhan web on / Trading View console we provide on - there won’t be a instance of you getting logged out. We monitor this at our end. Many users of Dhan use it on daily purpose for scalping with our platforms, along with instant orders.

Thank you for kind words on our trading experience with Dhan. More is coming.