Request for GTT activate facility except DDPI

I am writing to discuss the possibility of enabling the Good Till Triggered (GTT) facility for trading account.

As an avid investor/trader, I have been utilizing your services for a considerable period of time, and I must commend the exceptional level of support and efficiency your platform provides. However, I believe that incorporating the GTT feature in trading account would greatly enhance trading experience and allow to take full advantage of favorable market conditions.

The Good Till Triggered facility offers several advantages that align perfectly with trading strategy and requirements. With GTT, we would have the ability to place orders that remain valid until triggered or canceled by me. This means we won’t have to constantly monitor the market and manually place orders every time a particular condition is met. It would significantly streamline our trading process, saving time and effort, and allowing us to focus on analyzing market trends and making informed decisions.
I am particularly interested in utilizing the GTT facility for the following purposes:

  1. Stop Loss Orders: Setting automatic sell orders to limit potential losses and protect my investments.
  2. Take Profit Orders: Placing automatic sell orders to secure profits when a specific target price is reached.
  3. Conditional Orders: Implementing more complex trading strategies by setting up conditional orders based on a combination of price movements, technical indicators, or other factors.

Enabling the GTT facility would not only enhance trading experience but also demonstrate your commitment to providing advanced and comprehensive trading tools to your valued clients.

I kindly request you to consider activating the Good Till Triggered facility for trading account. I am confident that incorporating this feature will not only benefit me as a trader but also contribute to fostering a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between us.

I would be grateful if you could provide me with the necessary information and any documentation required to facilitate the activation of the GTT facility . I look forward to your positive response and the opportunity to further enhance my trading capabilities with the inclusion of the Good Till Triggered facility.

Hi @dinka Welcome to Dhan community. Thanks for your kind words, that means a lot for us and your note on importance of GTT orders.

We offer Forever Orders on Dhan, which is equivalent to GTT orders. It was, at a time one of the most requested features by our users and many on this community. We made it available for Equity, Options, Futures, Currency and Commodity, for equity segment it is available via DDPI - I am guessing Dhan is possibly only broking platform to make this live fully online & digital, first in industry to do this.

What’s missing in Forever Orders right now is - enabling the same on MTF orders and also as One Cancel Others (OCO) orders where users can place both Target & Stop Loss legs together. We have multiple requests for this from users, particularly Swing Traders / Short Term investors… our team has already added this our product roadmap. Expect to ship it soon.

Yes sir OCO orders required in option trading facility because time of profit booking a system can do very accurate job which is can not in manually possible . So i urge you as soon as possible please enable One-Cancels-the-Other Order (OCO) . Zerodha & fyre community using this facility in option trading (paytm money also give this facility in equity not in option ).
please please enable OCO facility for option & equity trader both as soon as possible

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Hi @dinka,

Noted your suggestion, will surely explore the possibilities. Thank you!

But how long we have to wait for oco facility ?? because pravin sir already mentioned that it is already in road map & community member lodge multiple request . pravin sir mention ''ship it soon ‘’. soon means how many days/month denoted it ??

Hi @dinka,

Thank you for your patience, and we understand your perspective. We kindly ask you to consider that implementing a new feature requires extensive planning, research, testing, and development efforts. Over the past few weeks, we have been introducing various features aimed at enhancing the trading and investing experience.

Rest assured that as the release date approaches, I will personally contact you to provide an update.

Thank you.

Looking forward to your contribution in the community. :slight_smile:

ok…sound’s good. if you give a expected time or tentative time …that will be very helpful sir. because you know OCO very beneficial for option buyer . two renowned broker zerodha and fyre give this facility

Hi @dinka

We are unable to provide a particular time frame at this time; however, once we are ready, we will keep you updated.

As an swing trader after getting entry in stock ( how to protect my capital ) incase if i face huge selling ???



agree !!! it is such a headache … after getting entry on stock…

forever order dalo sell ke liye … for stoploss
again forever order dalo sell ke liye … for target

fir jese hi stock upaar jane lage just incase (stoploss and target) modify karna ho… toh ek ek order select karo or modify karo beth ke

ab aisa toh nahi hai na ki hum ek stock ko hi trade karenge

matlb jitna stocks account pe rahega utna changes karna padega !!!

Itna mehnat …

Is there any way to see the Forever orders on the TradingView Dhan platform visually, it can be an optional stuff which can enabled by user. That way we can change the entries by drag and drop easily.

Sorry if its already addressed by the Dhan team. Please consider this as a feature request.

Hi @rustam

We already have your suggestion with us, we will surely evaluate adding the Forever order feature in TradingView.

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