(Resolved) Sell order using CDSL TPIN, needs to be placed twice

So here is what I am noticing everyday when I place first sell order of the day.

I put a sell order and DHAN takes me to CDSL TPIN page.
There I put TPIN and OTP and come back to DHAN.
Then I go to orders page, but I dont see the sell order there.

So then I place the sell order second time.
This time it does not take me to CDSL TPIN page (as TPIN is required only once a day)
And sell order goes through and I can see the same in order page.

This has happened always on first sell order of the day.

So please check the same

Thank you.

I had reported this earlier too.

Here: Upcoming IPO - R R Kabel Limited - #6 by amish

But that time I was new to DHAN.

So I thought may be I did something wrong.

But after placing 3-4 more sell orders in past 9 days. I can confirm that it seems to be a bug somewhere.

Hi @amish Yes, that is the flow with limitations of CDSL transfer pages to TPIN and we cannot keep or generate a order id without sending it to exchange… which if we send will be a short.

Best solution:

  1. Generate TPIN before market opens or before you sell. It is available in Portfolio or in Portfolio Settings
  2. When Order is place, generate TPIN request on Order Placement page. Which I am guessing right now you are doing on CDSL website

What we really recommend is updating to DDPI, and you do not have to worry about this ever. Dhan is first stock trading platform to introduce this - Now Live: Fast Sell with DDPI (Demat Debit Pledge Instruction)

Hello @PravinJ

I had TPIN generated immediately after opening the account.

TPIN remains same so you dont need to generate it on every sell order. Not even for first order of the day.

My issue is not about TPIN generation but order placing. And this issue (of placing same order twice) does not occur with Upstox.

I think after reading this post, if you re-read my above posts, it would be more clear, I think.

That is why the first thing I do after opening Dhan every morning is verify my holding with CDSL, though your concern is legit, I face the same issue with Groww.

I would suggest enabling DDPI @amish @SmallCapHunter. It’s incredible experience.

Thanks @PravinJ

Sure, I am still relatively new to DHAN. Once I have enough shares in holdings. I will definitely activate DDPI.

Quick video for you for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLUj1acWS9c

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Love how easy the DDPI workflow is on Dhan. After mailing out the manual forms via postal service on other platforms, I had to wait a week to get it enabled.

@rustam DDPI is near instant on Dhan, did you have to wait for a week? Let know, if that was the case we will check why that happened…

@PravinJ He probably means that on other platforms he had to do the process manually via post and hence had to wait 1 week for DDPI to be enabled.

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@PravinJ I was saying about some of the Dhan competitors where I had to wait for a week to get it enabled and it was manual forms.

Dhan is miles ahead in the experience. Have a great long weekend.