Resolved: Serious issues with Dhan

Now Upstox is providing TV here is the reference

Do they have same balance for commodity and equity? Will shift there.

Have to check this bro, speed is very light

Speed is super wait let me share you

Been trading with Zerodha. I came here for TV and same balance for commodity and equity. But system is so fkd up, it makes no sense to stay here.
Funds locked here till March. Will move back to Zerodha, they are working on TV and also same balance.

here is the link upstox.webm - Google Drive

Option Chain opening speed is terrific

WOW. Try same thing on Dhan, record and share. Compare speed. Its super slow on DHAN.

I have watch the video and dhan is slow compare to the Upstox

I don’t trade with APP so no comment on that.
Web, I am using on 8GB RAM PC and facing issues mentioned above.

I am using on 16GB RAM Laptop

I think logic is that speedy execution Or he may received appreciation for promotion

Yes, My suggestion would be instead of building new feature should be build a robust core system which helps traders to execution faster with even slow internet speed, otherwise new user signup with dhan use for a week, when they feel slowness they will shift again, so it will less retention ration if it will not improve even i am planing to shift

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You can take an example of Fyers, People were exited when Fyers launched, and people shift to fyers, Users slowly realize frequently glitches and bugs eventually user shift.

Well Explain, Yes we have a hope @Dhan getting better every day.

Some of the folks who are on this thread don’t even have accounts on Dhan. We are investigating this and tracing their IP addresses. ‘It’s unfortunate if that is true’ - on repeated requests, we havent heard their contact details - and email addresses are disposable ones.

For honest feedback, we will go miles to figure things out. For using an open and transparent forum, sorry to see this!

Nope, we never question who have genuine reviews and feedback. We work on them.

But some of these messages that we are seeing have a temporary ones, we are trying to match emails & IPs here and not finding any. If they are genuine, and I hope they are - request to share their connects with us so would could get on a call and understand the issue. That’s our only intent.

Let me know if you need UCC i will drop DM @PravinJ

Sent you a DM, appreciate the same.

LOL!!! You are investigating in wrong direction. Instead investigate if issue are genuine, which are.

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