Resolved: Serious issues with Dhan

@PravinJ @pulpfiction @Sparrow
I am experiencing the same issue of chart delay for like a minute or little more than that every time I open a chart in Dhan!!! So I stop trading from Dhan . Some times charts/chart data are improper. Even differing from exchange data itself!!! Please look into the matter with all your focus. Because for a intraday trader live data is everything. If it is updated after market is no of no use and don’t make any sense!!!

I told you, Exchange is sending wrong data. @PravinJ has clarified multiple times, that they use data sent by Exchange. I have shared this issue in market depth and Exchange is to be blamed.

@pulpfiction Even they don’t have Live market data feed available like Fyers!!! May be that can help and solve this problems.

Wait @PravinJ is coming and he will reply:
We display data relayed by Exchange. Do not compare with others, we are best :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@PravinJ @pulpfiction

Please look into chart data at first.

Now please look into my order book given below

Now please tell me which one to believe. I know that the above issues that I or mentioned by other traders are most important and may result into loose big money at any point of time. So I request you to remove such vulnerability from Dhan at the earliest possible.

Thank you

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hi @MonkInTrade

Yes, we are aware of this. Trade data from MCX comes in UTC and we are putting in place a on-the-fly time converter for IST, that is the reason you are seeing wrong Past Trades on Chart. Only the timings will be wrong, rest your price, transaction type, product etc will be correct. We are on it and will keep you posted once done.

@Naman Thanks for your concern… Thanks to the facts that the data are in questions did not hurt my trades. I hope that the feedback, I am sharing in Dhan community will only come with a desired positive effects which help all of us.

All the best.

Hi @pulpfiction

Thank you very much for joining us for the video meeting. Our team had noted down all the points which you have highlighted. We are looking into this!

Dear @PravinJ @Divyesh @Dhan_Help
अगर आपको ये फेक वीडियो
या बिना धन अकाउंट के ऐसे ही बनाया गया वीडियो लग रहा है तो
मैं अपनी अकाउंट डिटेल्स कहां शेयर करूं बताइए
मेरे टोटल 5 फैमिली मेंबर के और मेरा पर्सनल अकाउंट है धन के साथ

डिटेल्स चाहिए तो बताओ सर

मैने ये विडियो क्रिटिसाइज करने के लिए नहीं भेजा है

मुझे तो पता हैं ये bug मै तो रोज इसको झेलता हुं

आपने ही कल कहा था कि position tab से देख लो
इसीलिए आपकी जानकारी के लिए आज पोजिशन टैब की वीडियो भी भेजी की इसमें भी ऑर्डर टैब वाला same problem है

आपको फेक अकाउंट लगता है तो फिर
आपकी मर्जी


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The chart accuracy not authentic dhan as example in Screenshot, I can say Unreliability higher then other

This will be updated. Dhan went live on Nov 2021, our Data prior to that is sourced.

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Hi @PravinJ


is that true ?

As per Customer executive Dhan is not supported by below 20 mbps

Hi @Sparrow

Sorry, seems there was a misunderstanding. Dhan web works fine with a speed of 5mbps as well if this is the only application running. If there are more applications, the speed will vary accordingly.

Nothing is Misunderstood, clearly stated in chat by your colleague.

Hi @Sparrow

We will happy to get you on a video call with our tech team, to check Dhan’s performance on your system. You may share a convenient with our team on Chat or Email.

Will speak with customer service teams, there is nothing like internet speed supported, every connection goes through peak ups and downs. Will have this updated.

ps: I personally access our platforms on mobile networks only.

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@PravinJ I am trying to execute option stretagy. But its failing with low fund message. However buying leg gets executed. If there fund is less both legs should fail.
Second, I have enough funds still its failing.

Check errors.
Can’t fking have faith for a single day on your broken system. Check funds available and margin requirement.
dhan issue

Nifty was at resistence. Could have booked 1500 quickly, that’s my trading style to book profit/loss quickly. And few positional trades. Why do you release products if they are not perfect. Further incurred brokerage and other charges twice, as stretagy failed 2 times. Even booked loss.

@Sparrow @KishorKela @MonkInTrade @IntradayPlayer Everybody be careful.

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Hi @pulpfiction,

Suggest you please have the Buy leg first and then Sell. You will see the difference in Overall Margin required.

If Overall margin as mentioned is not maintained, an order may not get executed.

In that case final margin should be equal to normal margin. When one execute stretagy either both legs should fail or both should pass. Any stretegy first buy order should be executed or there should be some alert regarding margin before placing order.

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Hi @pulpfiction,

This post should address your queries related to margin requirement for Basket orders: