Resolved: Serious issues with Dhan

Hi @PravinJ

The video seems is slightly discouraging especially for a trader who is planning to start trading on Dhan with large quantities and very big capital. Hope we will resolve this core issue at earliest. I’m an active Dhan user and love your products but we expect the core action (buy and sell) should be 100% working. Thanks l!

We are improving your P&L streaming rates to ensure this stays up. A quick way to verify and see this immediately is to be on Positions tab.

Can you update, progress on observations or what you observed? Today could have made some profit but lost because of TVSMOTOR 980 option pricing and depth was never in synch.
I have given hopes. Will wait till March and then Goodbye,.

Dhan is down right now. Done with this piece of shit.
Will leave it as soon recover 10% loss had here.

Where it was down ? LTP Down ?

Web itself not responding. Order showing empty. In positions Babnknifty prices not moving if watchilist is not open.

This is serios concern i am scare to take a position, after reading many post

Stick to your old broker, till this become stable.
Will be moving out soon.

This will be my last post here. Enough of reporting issues, which should never exist.

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True, Something we reposted they didn’t have a clue after all, and continuously delaying resolve concern

Hi @pulpfiction ,

There wasn’t any down time of our systems today; for any real time help we request you to please feel free to reach out to us on 022-48906273 or Live Chat directly from the app as we will be able to address your concern as early as we can.

Please note that the goal of Dhan community is to foster helpful conversations around trading/investing practices, trading/investing strategies, sharing doubts & best trading practices among fellow traders, thereby contributing to the traders in India. This is why we have kept our community completely open for anyone and everyone. We wont be able to help you out in real time basis, if your preferred mode of communication is the community channel, which in turn also deviates the conversation that members are engaging here.

Each and every day, thousands of investors and traders place their trades seamlessly on Dhan. Our entire team (customer support, product and engineering) is available to connect on video call, in case of any recurring issue that you might encounter - these may or may not affect other traders and investors.

We humbly request you to stand by the values in which we have built this community from scratch. I will again ask my team to personally contact you again to know more about the issue you faced, and if there’s any we will surely try to resolve it at earliest.


I told you, no more reporting from my side. Its fkd up system.
Have started this thread with one issue, still unresolved.

Here are 2 screenshot by copy paste tech . Check UC price.

Here is the King Zerodha.

dhan issue

As mentioned, there wasn’t any downtime. We had noted down your feedback during our video call few days ago and we are working on it. And since the particular scrip is fetched from the MCX, and currently MCX is working on revamping its exchange data transfer, we will surely let you know once all the things are done.

Yesterday i took a trade Crude oil in Option, After trade executed after few second market depth is blank and after few second it start working again its scary if something like this happened middle of trade .


Don’t bring exchange here. @PravinJ reserve right for that. Same exchange shares data with Zerodha. I give up man, don’t bother replying me.

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Once upon a time …
I had suggested to make a lighter version and faster version ( just imagine

  1. zerodha’s speed
    2)drag/drop orders& SL on chart screen
    3)squaring off orders from same page…

thats what I want and that will be a heaven for traders

make feature filled no ine denies.

And let users choose fast vs feature. (If feature and fast can’t be together)

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I have previously traded with Reliance Money, India Bulls, Interactive Brokers and Zerodha. Now am with Dhan. In my experience Dhan offers the best balance between cost, tech and customer support.

As for bugs Dhan is the most pro active in the stock broking industry to acknowledge and fix.

As for the chrome issue @Dhan_Help @PravinJ I have also seen the commodity segment market depth, circuit updation issues earlier but not recently. Also what happens if a chrome tab or mobile app is idle for a while ? Does it stop updating the UI frontend with data feed ?

One of the great things about this forum is that the bad and ugly about Dhan is never delisted or deleted. Its one of the most transparent forums in the broking landscape. Please keep it so for ever.


Thanks @t7support, we have mentioned of all the issues listed here including the one of MCX here: A Note to Dhan Community from our Team

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Thanks @PravinJ. Well written post… :+1:

Hello @MonkInTrade

We have deployed fix for this issue. Do check and let us know if you are still facing any issue.

Happy Trading!

Hi @pulpfiction

We have pushed an update for this, also observe that prices are updating properly, and it’s working fine now.