Square of time and order execution time


I usually square of all my positions after 3:29 and it was my first day on your platform, and believe me i like all the features in comparison to any other brokers.

But when i tried to square off first leg of BN it kept on buffering and almost after 30 seconds it went through. After that i tried to square off nifty leg then it took another 20 minutes and by that time market closed and my order did not execute.

Plz let me know what went through and usually what is the square off time if i place intraday orders. As of now i am placing normal orders.

Looking for both answers

Hi @Mamta, Square-off time on Dhan is 3:20 PM and after that any intra-day positions that are open are squared-off by Risk team.

For specific queries, will ask our team at @Dhan_Help to connect with you.

Hi @Mamta

We were unable to reach you over the phone.

We checked your order logs and found the order rejection was due to hedged position. In such scenario, you need to square-off the parent leg first or can maintain the sufficient funds for the standalone positions as well.

We have explained the hedge break alerts in the below community post.

For further query, feel free to reach out to us on 022-48906273 or Live Chat directly from the app/web.