This is not expecting from Dhan

This is a serious issue I contact the support team many time & reach at Twitter also even post on the community also but you are not taking this seriously you guys are buys in building new features but what about the core thing that is charting many users also now day posting regarding charts bugs but there is no solution from your end

see the nifty 50 charts first 5min candle and see Tradingview nifty 50 first candle

why there is a difference in both?
previously also I complain on the same issue but not getting satisfied solution from your end
I am not just complaining I love why you guys are doing hard work to build new features I appreciate this but guys please look at this charts issue matters many community members sharing the same incident

hope you look closely into this matter

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Bank Nifty has Same thing @Rohitsingh, You can compare daily low and Intraday low you may experience difference between

Not only dhan…
Platform like zerodha and upstox shows same data…

Hi @Rohitsingh,

Here is the screenshot from NSE from the same day. As you can see the low of 17484.30 is shown on top but the chart doesn’t show it. You will find the same on Dhan.

In any scrip, there are many transactions in each second/min, represented by a tick. Everyone receives broadcast data from exchanges in multiple packets, and processes the data in their own way, which may show minor variances in how the data is display. This happens especially in case the specific price comes for a micro-second. Each tick is a combination of multiple transactions for that time period (which could be thousands or millions) and it is possible a specific outlier data point is not shown in the chart. This is same across industry.

Hope this clarifies.

Jay K.
Head - Customer Support