Trade diary glich profit show in minus amount also fund show wrong number and profit not settle

@Nihalvalvi1 can you share your concern briefly?

Having said this, we identified some of the users got a tech glitch for the Trader’s Diary 6th April, our Tech team is fixing the issue.


5 th April i am sell
Vedl fut at 280.75 10000 qty
With hedge
6th april i got profit 179000 somthing
But profit not show loss show 25000

@Nihalvalvi1 do share me your UCC on DM! Ill get it checked from the Tech team.

Hi request you to note share your personal details: Phone no, email, UCC code on

Also, would like to highlight that isn’t official customer support channel you can contact our official customer support channels: Live Chat, Twitter DM/ Twitter Post, Email to or on call with official Dhan customer support.

@Nihalvalvi1 the TD calculation is correct. The confusion occurred due to Future Price Adjustment due to Dividend Effect.

Since 6th April was the ex-date, the future price got adjusted (The dividend value being subtracted from the closing value of the previous day). In this case, VEDL APR Future closed at 280.60 on 5th April and hence, next day (ex date) it opened at 280.60 - 20.50 = 260.10. So basically you sold at 280.75-20.50=260.25 and not at 280.75 due to the dividend effect.

Please find the detailed calculations as below:

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I am short vedl future 5 th april

Square off 6th aprill

Show i got profit

Where is my profit

@Nihalvalvi1 That’s what I have said, you sold on 5th April at Rs. 280.75. But due to corporate Action, the effective price of the sale was adjusted to Rs. 260.25 i.e. Rs. 280.75 (Sale Price) - Rs. 20.50 (Dividend).

If any FNO stock announces more the 2% of dividend, there is adjustment which happens as explained above.

Why your team not notify me tomorrow is vedl corporate action (dividend) so your price will be adjusted and you are not adjusted price at corporate action day your team not change my price my postion show me not change price show me without adjusted price plus show me in profit what is this what happen for new tradder ???

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@Nihalvalvi1 Corporate Actions are showed up on the App: Watchlist > CA tab. Also note that price adjustment is done by the Back Office on the EOD.

@iamshrimohan It would be great if you can show some event icon in Holding watchlist. Otherwise it will be daily activities to check the corporate action

Hey @iamshrimohan @PravinJ ,

A nudge notification would be a better idea in addition to CA list.

What is Nudge?

I am asking just you notified trader tomorrow is coroprte action so your price will adjusted how to new trader know CA tab only you notified trader one notificaton before buy or sell share.

@nx.vijay @amit @Nihalvalvi1 Thanks for the feedback, we will surely explore the possibility to add any nudge or market on the contract.

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Yes update this small types of updates Thank you for kindly reply me for my All questions .