Trading view Premium Subscription Payments basis

Hello My personal Subscription for Trading view Premium is ending in Nov 22
Im interested in buying or renewal of it
If Dhan can provide same Premium renewal either in same Trading view profile name orin New profile
Im ready for payment
My request is if i buy from dhan will i get to use Premium futures on dhan platform??
Is it possible for dhan to provide
Because we are currently opening Trading view charts separate and dhan Trading view chart separate

Im looking for single chart to make use in market

Please advice

Hi @Shivakumar

We encourage users to make decision based on their trading requirements for products from Dhan or from TradingView. Even if you have TradingView premium, you can continue to use Dhan for execution using the free Webhooks we provide.

TradingView is awesome product and we do love their product as much as many others do. They are our partners and with them we bring to you

For your quick reference, you can compare what you get on Dhan’s version of TV here: Dhan + TradingView - Access TradingView Charts Live for FREE

Hope this helps.