UI suggestions well this for mobile but if you can provide it on web then also its fine

So can we do somethinng for faster order execution like i was placing orders in live market but price was dropping so fast that i was not able to put limit price
Can we do it like three easy and quick steps

So Like in the above screen shot we can add buy lable in place of calls and sell lable in place of put

and there should be option of predefined quantities

10 20 30 50 100

I dont think i have to explain how DOM works
so you select your price from above prices and then you select quantity from predefined quantities and the you just place order in three easy steps faster than typing limit price adding quantities its difficult to execute all this steps by doing it maually i mean by typing so i hope you can do something upon it

So when you placing order on mobile you know keybord comes up then it goes down then again in quantity same thing happens also we are in hurry to grab the opportunity faster so we are going to do typos till that stock is gonna fall even more then again we have to modify our price and at end we left with no choice and have to place market order Its annoying and when you are dealing with large quantities even 0.05 and 0.10 matters a lot In short I just dont want to waste my time typing stock price and quantities if you can do something for it that will be a big help i am not expert in designing apps or websites so i hope you got my problem and come up with best solution possible