Use pledging margin for intraday trades

Executed by first trade on Dhan and bought Kotak Nifty Alpha 50 ETF. I would be pledging it on Dhan for intraday option selling.

Quick question - Can someone please confirm that to sell options intraday, we do not need cash provided we have enough margin by pledging?

@doubles ,

On Nifty50 ETF, 50:50 (cash: collateral) rule should be applicable.

50% cash requirement is for overnight trades. I can do intraday options selling with a 100% collateral margin with my current broker. Since this is a SEBI guideline, I am assuming Dhan gives the same option.

Can someone please confirm?

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Hi, for intraday you can use 100% pledge benefit for trading no need to maintain 50% cash and cash equivalent.

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