UX improvement and bug


I opened this account some 5-6 months ago and since then I wanted to trade on it but lack on MF pledge kept me away but today I gave it a try and have some feedback for you + UX improvement suggestions which will make reduce clicks and confusing alerts for users + 1 bug

I raised this on twitter as I was in hurry to write detailed post here, link: https://twitter.com/erankitjain/status/1567730070063845380


  1. When user opens an open position information it opens a pop up, which can be closed only when (X) is clicked but ideally it should be closed when user click anywhere outside the pop up which is universally acceptable way of working unless there is an action pending inside pop up. It would be great if you can add this action: close pop up once user clicks anywhere outside the pop up.

  2. Remove “add Stoploss” alert as well as option to add stoploss if stoploss order is already placed as it confuses new users like I got confused today

Also, I’m aware that you might be looking into MF facility sooner or later but it is really hard to scale the account without MF pledging, hope you bring it sooner than later :slight_smile:

Ankit Jain