Watchlist - Import / Export of Stocks List

Requesting you to kindly add import / export feature to create or download the watchlist. (i.e. ,csv or .xls file) This feature is very helpful for user and it will add as a “Positive Experience” for “Dhan”.

Best Regards

Hi @Santosh.C

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Thanks for your feedback, we have noted it down. Currently the team is working on multiple features and improvements. I will surely let you know if we plan on bringing the custom watchlist feature.

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@RahulDeshpande ,

Hello Rahul,
I am requesting here to add a feature for “Import or Export” .csv or .xls files on Watchlist. These files are nothing but NSE/BSE Indices stock lists or user specific list he/she might have created separatly to track. It will save a time if it can be done.

NB: Most of the brokers have this basic feature in their terminal so this should not be a bigger task to implement. If your develpment team create this feature, it will be of great help.

Thanking you,
Best Regards

Can you please let me know which broker has this feature

There are few brokers but its not appropriate to give their names here. You can also check TradingView charting software, which has got this feature.

Since, Dhan is using Trading View as charting software, I believe it is convinient to add the same feature with Dhan.

@RahulDeshpande Any updates regarding the watchlist import export? Also, there is not an option to copy paste multiple symbols with a comma at once as we can do with trading view watchlist.

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