Webhook to exit any specific position

Can I use webhook to exit any specific position from Tradingview?

Hi @aryan ,

You can place any trade directly in Tradingview using webhook alerts, and add your specific scrips with opposite-side transactions to execute the same.

Here is a link to this page.

I’m not asking to place a new trade but exit/close an existing one

Hey @aryan

We understood your requirement here. To exit any trade placed through webhook, you can simply trigger an alert of opposite product type or exit it through Dhan platform.

To exit any position through webhook, you can simply place a reverse order. For example:
If you have a Buy order, you can simply trigger a sell order through webhook of same quantity on same scrip and this will close your trade.

Hope this helps!

Won’t that need additional fund?

Hey @aryan

No, that wouldn’t require any additional fund if you have an existing opposite position already for that particular scrip of equal quantity.