What is my P&l dhan?

Whenever i want to chek my p&l on reports in dhan web i got this following scenes.
Everywhere just trade no actual p&l .

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@Saurabh88 +1 for this. The reports section experience is not upto the mark in my opinion. Zerodha’s console is much better.

And they are saying we are the best service provider…wow.
If they dont have trader diary then this is complete mess

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Hi @Saurabh88

Request you to generate P&L statement for the period you are looking for, and you can also view details in Trader’s Diary. We are building more capabilities on reporting and statements, it’s incremental journey for us… we improve everything we build based on feedback we get.

No please.this is not the way to progress.
What do you guys think that a trader is always looking for?

Yes notes, statement,p&l, charges.
I have also complaint you regarding trader diary data changes…
It MUST be in your dhan web.
This must be your first’priority rather then giving other features.

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