Why Take profit and Stop loss drag and drop feature is not available when Iogin Tradingview with dhan

Today i took same trade in SBIN one with Tradingview login with Dhan account and one with Tradingview login with Papertrading i observed is when i trade with login Dhan account on Tradingview take profit and stop loss drag and drop feature is not available on the chart but when i login trading view through there own paper trading feature i can see drag and drop take profit and stop loss feature for reference i attached both screenshot
:man_facepalming: so if you don’t provide full tradingview features so what the sense to shift from tradingview hosted library to Tradingview i don’t understand why this happening i thought you should be look in this and you should provide this super trader feature"Take profit and stop loss drag and drop features"

:point_up_2: this is SBIN chart login with Dhan you can see below i marked it

:point_up_2: this was Tradingview SBIN chart but this time i login with paper trading and you can see take profit and stop loss drag and drop features is clearly showing


Hi @Rohitsingh

This is first level integration with Tradingview. Though you can still place Take Profit and Stop Loss around the open position using + button or individual order from Order Panel.

We will continue with both platforms, tv.dhan.co & Dhan on tradingview.com. Both the platforms has there own pros and advantages. Traders can choose any or both depending upon their trading style and strategy.

Your feedback and suggestion is noted.

Even i joined Dhan so that this feature I can use …This is a must have feature which no brokers are currently giving us … @Dhan Please could you prioritize this , this will be a request by many traders.


In next update this features will be available?


This is super trader features


@PravinJ Kya khayal hai aapka ??

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@RahulDeshpande Aap hi reply kar do ispe,
@PravinJ to bura man gaye shayad.

Nothing like that, let know - didn’t get your question?

Arey sirji, sl & target ke liye drag n drop buttons kab provide kar rahe ho ??
on both platforms (tv.dhan.co & tv)

Got it. TradingView capabilities that get extended on trading side and also on tv.dhan.co are restricted on their side. Will explore, if it is extended - we will build.

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