Wrong values shown in AVWAP indicator

I noticed that AVWAP is shown different on different timeframes and not matching with the actual values and showing wrong values.
I would like to have a word with technical team and understand it.
Thanks. @Poornima

Hi @svineels,

We are having this checked and will keep you posted with an update.

Hi @svineels,

We checked this with our team and found that AVWAP indicator shows cumulative calculations. Therefore, the different time frame will have different value since volume will be different for each candle based on that timeframe.

Hi @Poornima .
I understand your explanation.
But how come the avwap values is almost same on zerodha on all timeframes but not on dhan?
Am I missing something here?

Hi @svineels,

We will optimize this further to show same values in all time frames.

Thanks. Hoping this will be fixed soon.