Bank Nifty and Stock Scalping strategy

Hi Guys.
We have developed a stock trading strategy based on Artificial intelligence and Machine learning with linear regression. It works in almost all stock segments and even in future trading. They are all based on tradingview webhook automation so they can easily be integrated with Dhan through the webhook trigger function or you can create a basket for multiple stocks. In 20 years of backtesting, it almost beat all stocks of nifty 500 by almost 10 to 20 times.

You can try them here:

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No scripts published there?

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Check the link

No published scripts

can you share the screenshot of what you are seeing? I do not see anything published on your tradingview handle or the link you shared…

AI,ML and linear regression on Tradingview.
What sort of New Scam is this?
Why would anyone give away such a great system. Just go to Bahamas and trade your Money.

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well, perhaps he means to say that he arrived best configuration for linear regression method for banknifty after machine learning/AI ? (there are numerous other possibilities here)
we can only comment after seeing, trying/experiment if made available.

obviously it can be much be improved by filtering the selection of the assets and using different percentages, i just kept it standard to have a default template

This is 5 min timeframe scalping

I am able to get consistently using 5 to 15min timeframe and will generate more than 100% anualized ROI using 20 differents assets


Backtest strategy results seem good… however,
For the stock assets, we can only have LONG positions as SHORT positions are not allowed to carry beyond intraday. So, you will take this into context and shift the strategy to use LONG only and see how does it work out. However, from manual trading perspective, I do agree, that it helps to avoid long positions where the signal is short in place already.

Is this strategy made public for use on tradingview, if yes, please share the link on tradingview and then we can help with feedback/tests.

These are only long strategies and have been backtested for 22 years of data. We have one short and long also with less than 5% drawdown and we were working on smoothing it more.

These are only for my own use

Oh ok, may I know the intent and purpose of creating a community post?


You can subscribe to our strategies later because I am already very busy with a lot of other things to make it better. But it’s not going to be free and the subscription cost will be higher or % based. I will keep you in the loop.