Bugs & Improvements in Web Interface

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  1. When exiting a position via Dhan’s website, the order confirmation is shown multiple times.
    Showing it once in the corner is good enough. (similar to what zerodha does)

  2. When I sort my positions by name, and switch to another browser tab for few mins, and then come back to Dhan, the positions are again randomly sorted.
    Again, I have to click on sort by name.
    This is annoying.

Kindly look into it.
This issue applies to both website & app

When exiting a hedge unit, Zerodha shows the additional margin that’ll be required.
In dhan, especially on the website, no such useful info is shown.
The interface is quite rudimentary.

Kindly add such a feature to both website & app.

  1. Transaction estimator (seen in Dhan mob app) should also be added to the website.

I’ve made a 2nd post as the forum won’t let me upload two images in the same post!

Welcome to Dhan community @som079. Yes - this is already in works, we are making this simpler & compact and moving it to the corner.

Hi @PravinJ PravinJ
Appreciate the prompt reply!
How about the other points?

Point #5

On website, in Money->Trader’s diary, the calendar should show Sunday as first day.

Right now, its quite confusing.

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hi @som079 #4 went live today. It was available on the side order window, now it is available on both order windows on web.


Suggestion #6->
When exiting a position on Dhan website, kindly display:

a) The extra margin required (if exiting a long pe/ce in a hedged situation)
b) The value left in the pe/ce (for short position) (Look at attached zerodha screenshot for reference)
c) Applicable charges

02-01-2023 14_28_36-Window

Currently, none of this info is shown on dhan’s website (See below)
In below screenshot, I’m have already shorted FINNIFTY 19300CE & am looking to sq off the position.

Hi @som079, Dhan already has Transaction Estimator, much more detail with full breakup and it was first introduced by Dhan. More on that here: Now Live on Dhan - Transaction Estimator

Hey @PravinJ

Another idea
7) Add an option to see market depth/OLHC directly from watchlist/search window. (SS below)

  1. Add option to see bid/ask in order window. Important to see when trading slightly illiquid strikes

20-01-2023 11_13_47-20-01-2023 11_11_49-Greenshot - Paint