Change in Open Interest (indicator) (the way u provided Open interest indicator) = require this Indicator

Hello team ,
we need “change in Open interest line” as an indicator for our , you guyz are already providing “open interest” as an indicator where it shows Total Open interest till now. it’s really good & helping us, thanks for that.

but i want a separate indicator called “change in Open interest” where u only show us intraday changes in the open interest as a line in the chart (same like the way u showed Open interest line as an indicator)

moreover if possible plz give us settings to decide whether we want to see Open interest line data in Number of lots Or just direct numbers… coz for quick analysis i prefer No of lots in Oi data.

so to sum up, i am requesting “1 indicator & 1 setttings change option” for the existing as well as newly requested indicator.
hope we get it as soon as possible as u already have the required data to plot.


Hi @Varsha777

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll surely check the possibilities to add change in open interest indicator and to implement required settings for OI indicator.

Do keep contributing on Dhan Community ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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