Chart is freezing and taking lot of time to refresh. Worst experience as it make this Demat useless

Charts freezes and takes lot of time to refresh. No matter whatever internet speed. Saw many complains mainly related to Charts. Hope Dhan will resolve these issue genuinely as already got Fake mail from Dhan Help desk that it has been resolved but i rerecorded same issue againā€¦See the recordingsā€¦


Hi @nageshkaudgaonkar Noted.

Can you share your contact with @Dhan_Help, we will connect with you to resolve this.

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I also experienced this error today , after 1.20 the chart got freezed and there was not candle forming for 30 minutes, then i refreshed it, it filled those candles

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Hi @jolly ,

Request you to please share the screenshot, or screen recording if you face the issue again. We will get it checked.

Hi @RahulDeshpande ,

See attached screenshots. Chart is freezing and candle is not forming fully. First image is from dhan and 2nd is from trading view.

Hi @jolly

This doesnt look like screenshot from Dhan, can you check again? Our library is different. Also the said is perfectly fine at our end and trades happening just fine.

Hi @jolly,

This generally happens if the window becomes inactive for long or there is an intermittent connectivity issue. If you continue to see this, request you share this on for us check further.

Jay K.
Head - Customer Support

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Today Layout is also not savingā€¦ any layout with more than 4 charts its not saving at allā€¦ reporting this issue for many days but it seems Dhan do not want to even acknowledge or resolve this issueā€¦ everytime I refresh my browser I have to setup my layout again its too irritatingā€¦

And also No issue with my browser, its not working on Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi Browsers That too on 2 Different Laptops with 2 Different Internet Connectionsā€¦

hi @oldbuoy

Can you share a video of this with us on, will check this.

@PravinJ Jolly is actually right. I have also observed the same. Maybe its due to not refreshing much.

The image is from Dhan only. If you press that camera button next to logout tab, this screenshot layout gets exported.

Noted. We will have this monitored.

Yes, camera i know. Just that we reverified data. Will check

Hi everyone on this post @nageshkaudgaonkar @jolly - we have pushed many further optimization updates on Dhan Charts yesterday, please keep us posted if you further come across performance issues regarding loading of charts.

Its ongoing process at our end now to make charts faster.

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Let know if anything is to be checked in this. On the HDFC AMC Call in video, there are no trades today.

The thing to be checked is that Dhan Layout with 1, 2 and 3 charts is saving but any number above 3 charts is not saving and this issue is persistent irrespective of which browser I am using or how many times I reset my browser.