DhanHQ Tradingview Chrome Extension

DhanHQ Tradingview Chrome Extension

Hi Everyone, we have released the first phase of our DhanHQ Tradingview chrome extension in the chrome web store built on top of tv.dhan.co.

If you need to enhance your trading experience (or) require any one or more of the below features in your existing trading terminal without intacting default Tradingview experience?

  • Auto Fill order Quantity for EQ or FNO?
  • Allocate Fixed Capital per trade? or Fixed No. of Lots per trade?
  • Set Default order type, Market or Limit or Stop or Stop Limit order?
  • Set Bracket or Cover Order by default for any order?
  • Autofill SL or Target with fixed % or with Fixed price?
  • Modify multiple orders of the same type at 1 click? even if your order is split into 100+ legs (in case of BO/CO) or on auto-sliced orders?
  • Trading from Option Chain & require compact order window?
  • Order placement Shortcut keys, directly from the chart?
  • Order placement Shortcut keys, directly from the 2 layout chart? Shift + Arrow key combinations for Nifty/BankNifty/FinNifty options - along with Iceberg order?

Then you can download this DhanHQ Tradingview Chrome Extension, extensively developed to work on tv.dhan.co (in the future we will add support for web.dhan.co)

What to expect in the Second phase of release?:
UI Improvements, bug fixes, patches, and new features, which are mostly required for any trader.
1 such example is Direct Order Placement on Tradingview for EQ/FNO/MCX, based on alerts or predefined conditions without webhooks (WIP), look at this video for more details.

Extension Download Link: DhanHQ Tradingview Extension - Chrome Web Store
Prerequisite & ReadMe: DhanHQ ReadMe
Extension videos: DhanHQ Tradingview Extension Demo - Youtube
Product Discussions: Discussions · vinay-sd17/dhan-tradingview-chrome-extension · GitHub

Thanks to Dhan team for all the support. :pray: Let’s built together.

I hope you all will like this extension! I would really love to get your feedback on this.

Happy Trading!

~ Vinay S


Hey @vinay_sd17 ,

Great going! :clap:

Thanks for building this extension and sharing with us.

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Good work How to contact you

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Thanks @amit Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @ravishahane ,

You can reach me by email or phone, PFB.

Mail: vinaysv173@gmail.com
Ph: 78453 10214

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Thanks we talk tomorrow

You can delete your number and email I take screenshot for privacy

Sure, Call me anytime :+1:

That’s ok @ravishahane, This is the same email & mob number I gave for extension support, so it’s already public & no privacy on this.

Dear @vinay_sd17
It’s looking very important extension.
I have taken some trading Breaks .
Next month I will subscribe it and try it.
All the best for your future updates

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Thanks, @DebadattaMahakud
Looking forward to you, using the extension and provide us feedback

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Hey @vinay_sd17,

Can you please consider NSE Currency Options as well?

Thanks for bringing it up. Sure will try to add this in coming releases.

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DhanHQ Extension Issue!

Q - v1.3 Not working?
A - Yes, it’s not working.

Q - Why it’s not working?
A - watch this video for the answer v1.3_Extension_Not_Working.mp4 - Google Drive

v1.3.1 will be released by Monday with the fix. Thanks for understanding.

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Thanks @vinay_sd17 for contributing to the Dhan’s community. Chrome extension will be of utmost use to a lot of people.

As a token of appreciation, you have been awarded the ‘Dhan Technocrat’ badge :smiley:

Keep contributing to the Dhan community :smiley:


Thanks, alot @RahulDeshpande :pray:

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Hi Everyone!

The issue has been fixed and released in Chrome Web Store with a new version 1.3.1.

Along with that, We have now introduced a 3 days Free Trial for you to get started with. Please try it out & give us feedback :+1:

PS: In my earlier video, I told, why the Trial version is not possible from our side, but now we introduced it by giving a free trial, so how is it possible now? The answer is, we got some credits from AWS :slight_smile:

Happy Trading!

~Vinay S

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thank you for this wonderful features . i hope after 3 days there is no automatic deduction

In Trial, we are not asking for your billing details. It’s just an email you are going to give.

So no way for us to deduct anything :slight_smile:


Hi, @EYE

Yes, we can do it. The reason we set it that way is, most people suggested fixed price numbers because premiums on Expiry day range between (10-20-30) like that & setting by % like 30% 20% is very tight whether it be Tgt or Sl (feedback provided by close network traders).

What I am thinking now is instead of numbers or % as separate fields or any additional options, we can have 1 input field, where you enter like 10% or 10. (Suffix with %)

If the text input has % then we calculate by %, if it does not have %, we calculate with fixed prices. so we solve both ways.

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