Introducing Iceberg Orders: Now slice and execute large orders on Dhan

Hi @Msk92

You are right that the system will slice automatically only when the freeze limit is exceeded. In your case, we checked and found this was not sliced/ processed in an iceberg order.

Let’s say you place an Equity delivery order for 600 quantity of shares at Rs. 100, and the sellers are as below:
200 shares @ Rs. 100
300 shares @ Rs. 99
100 shares @ Rs. 98.5

This will be executed in 3 legs as sellers are available at different prices. Order matching happens from the exchange as per buyer and seller availability. A broker has no role in this. Partially execution of orders depends upon the volume/buy & seller in the scrip.

This is the same for Options trades as well. Now in the case of a Bracket order, each buy leg will have 2 sell legs. And if the initial order is executed in 3 parts, it will have 6 sell legs (1 each for Target and Stop loss for each part).

Finally, if your order is placed as Iceberg, you are charged brokerage for each leg, vs if your order is sliced due to the difference in market depth, you are charged brokerage for 1 order only. You can verify the same in your contract note. Hope this clarifies.

the buying can happen as explained, but bracket order has to be two legs of the avg price, this is something implementation issue at Dhan and not market limitation. In intraday BO at other platforms, if there are two sell legs they why would Dhan use 8 /16 orders. Common sense is not common and hence your technical team messed it up probably. Again this is personal view and not to defame here, but provide a constructive feedback to check how other platforms are able to implement in a smooth fashion. But good you explained the mechanism.

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Hey @Msk92,

This is 1 of the common problem which I came across with many fellow traders & which made me develop some software or plugins or chrome extensions to solve this kind of issue & many others which we traders face every day.

Recently we published the first phase of our extension & which has the ability to solve your issue. Please have a look below for more details.

Can you pls explain brokerage for iceberg, will it be on entire quantity or on individual iceberg quantity,

If i have 125 either i can buy all 125 at a time or i can spilt in 5 iceberg (suppose 125bnf quantity means 5 lot so will i have to pay 20 for 125 quantity or i have to pay 20*5 =100 brokerage for buying and while selling also 100 or 20 brokerage?)

If your order is sliced like 5 orders like below

Order 1 - 25qty
Order 2 - 25qty

Order 5 - 25qty

then brokerage will be 5X20 for BUY + 5X20 for SELL

If the order is not sliced & all 125 orders exec at 1 order
Order 1 - 125 qty

then brokerage will be 1X20 for BUY + 1X20 for SELL


Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde

Now from the trading view the orders will be sliced if you reached the qty freeze limit automatically whether they be BO/SL/Mkt/Lmt orders. Other features of the extension are listed here

If you wish to have this feature, Please Install DhanHQ Tradingview Chrome Extension from the chrome web store

@vinay_sd17 Just tested your extension on BANKNIFTY options and the auto slice/iceberg feature is not working on

It’s giving the error of freeze quantity limit exceeded, when I try to order 1000 quantities.

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Hi @protrader101

I believe you are the one with the email “1911@

I have replied to you via email on the steps (as I am assuming it’s because of misconfiguration). Hope you checked my email & configured it properly now.

Still facing issues, you can WhatsApp me.


I think you’re confusing me with someone else, I don’t have the email with “1911@”. I did email you but with a different email.

You can either reply me on that email or detail the correct configuration here.

What option/checkbox do I need to enable/disable on your extension or Dhan’s side apart from the usual config details you have mentioned on your Youtube channel?

I just double-checked my inbox, and except for this email (PFA), I could not see any messages on the “Slice Order” issue from the extension. Just curious, To which email you have mailed?

You can also message or call me on Whatsapp @ 78453 10214

I have already turned all the toggles ON for 1 CLICK order placement on your extension and also on settings.

I have also hard refreshed the page after installing, activating my subscription and also configuring your extension correctly.

I’m still receiving the same error message of freeze quantity getting exceeded on BANKNIFTY options when trying to place 1000 quantity order.

FYI I’m using Brave in private/incognito mode. Also I couldn’t test the extension in other browser as it asks to subscribe every time I reinstall it.

What else can be done to fix the issue?

That’s Strange, I have attached a video of the live version using the extension having v1.5.2 version (Brave browser). It’s working as expected.

PFA: - Google Drive

Also, For subscription, Even if you uninstall and reinstall how many ever times → Click to subscribe → Login in with the purchased email id → If you hold a valid license then the same will be reused.

Moreover, in my prev msg, I posted an email copy, Hope that’s you right? As said, You can always message or call me on Whatsapp @ 78453 10214 we can join over google meet and I can try to help with the fix.

Yeah, don’t know what’s causing the issue to prevail. That email that you pasted is mine, I have also messaged you Whatsapp.

Let me know if you can fix the issue.

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Thanks Vinay for taking time out of your schedule to resolve the issue I was facing and having an honest discussion about the compliance related limitations you’re facing and the upcoming features.

As a scalper, I’m definitely looking forward to using Dhan’s tradingview charts paired with your extension’s abilities.

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I would like to know if iceberg order works on Baracket order type wuth target and stoploss ? Because on transaction estimation I’m not able to see multiple orders brokerage as it only shows single order brokerage , so just want to confirm befire ordering

Hi @deepakchandar, Iceberg order will split the orders instantly into multiple legs (orders), each leg will be as the quantity selected and the transaction estimator shows details of each leg / order.

But it shows other charges for sum of all orders and only brokerage for single order

Let me check that, will have to update this in that case. What would you prefer this as - single order or total order?

Total order would be good like other brokers