Option Trading is not available right at the moment using Webhook Alerts on TradingView

can i do option trading with Webhook alerts on TradingView ?

Please reply, why we can not trade options using Webhook alerts on Trading View ?

Hi @NitinK,

Yes, you can trade in options using webhook alerts. Here is the link for your reference.

Madam, Thank you for reply. But still its not automated. we need auto select option strike price on index as per our input. Don,t need to create basket. Just like https://nextlevelbot.com/ Here just to make syntax and past in message box. when alert trigger it will automatically select option strike price. For your reference i am pasting one syntax here. [{“AS”:“BANKNIFTY-OI-”,“P”:“MIS”,“AT”:“KOTAK”},

Please reply…Can we trade auto strike price without basket with webhook alert on tradingview ?

Can anyone please reply. I am also looking for this feature.
Option trading involves trading in different strikes frequently. Hard coding the strikes in baskets and updating the basket every now and then is as bad as manual trading.

Currently we cannot. But this is a feature some of us have been requesting for some time now.