Quick Note: Diwali, Muhurat Trading and awesome things to come on Dhan

Hi All,

We are gearing up for Diwali and of course Muhurat Trading next week on Monday, 24th October; hope you all will participate on investing / trading with us on Dhan.

We are taking a break, not from work - we all are here when markets are live to ensure you have a great experience on Dhan - but for the next few days taking a break from launching new features till end of this month. Small enhancements will always continue as usual that make Dhan better every day, bigger ones we will resume in first week of November.

I’m sure some of you are already seeing newer features and products that are selectively on for few users and we haven’t announced them yet. Enjoy them, we will continue to take your feedback on them and make them perfect and better.

With November & December, we will ship the promised features - Strategy Builder, MTF or Margin Financing, Bracket Orders on Options and everything we have mentioned over here: Upcoming Features on Dhan: For October & November

There are ton’s of surprises coming your way after Diwali - and our team has instructed that I shouldn’t be talking about them :slightly_smiling_face:. So I will skip the custom of pre-announcing features for next one or two months, and let you guess what we are bringing for you.

One thing I can assure you - these are BIG, something investors & traders in India will absolutely fall in love with. Few things are best experienced, so we will let that happen.

Thank you