Sir it's time to start 30 days/60 days challenge

Sir it’s time to start 30 days/60 days challenge


Hi @Pravesh, Welcome to Dhan community. Noted this request, we also have received this from few more users, will consider building this.

Here are list of things we are currently working on: Upcoming Features on Dhan: For October & November



30 day challenge may impact Dhan’s revenue/profits slightly. But if it helps in getting more customers to Dhan and if that increased revenue from new customer addition could offset loss in revenue due to 30 day challenge, then bringing this challenge would be really helpful to traders.

Thank you.

We will plan for challenges sometime in future. At this time we are focussed a lot on making the core trading & investing experience much better from now. Next few months, you should see some awesome enhancements.