TV charts looks lagging when tab is not into focus

@Poornima @Dhan

Normally shown when back to tab

after refresh

Hi @onkar

Because the data comes from the historical data server only after a minute, the chart may see minor differences from the beginning as well.

Did you understand, what I tried to say?

and as per your statement, Dhan loaded all the data after a 1-minute delay?

@Dhan @PravinJ you guys also agree with @Divyesh

Hi @onkar

Our charts are real-time only, once we receive the data from the exchange same it reflects in the charts.

if they are real-time so why need to refresh to build the while body of the current or past candle?

same I also feel the same

Hi @onkar & @omkar,

We request you both to reach us to our support team on real-time basis for any such scenarios.

@Sameet @Divyesh

check here you can see the Dhan chart freezes and stop the timer, and otherside upstock TV chart working fine.

once I have done the refresh for chart, timer and missing candle wick is completed on Dhan TV chart also.

Hi @onkar

Please note that Dhan community isn’t an official customer support channel. We request you to please connect our official customer support for real time basis support.

Please reach out to our official customer support channels: Live Chat, Twitter DM/ Twitter Post, Email to or on call with official Dhan customer support : 022 4890 6273

I am not asking or seeking or customr support, I am pointing the issues which I and other faced when using the platform.


tv.dhan is lagging and many glitches today. frustrating!