Watchlist error identified

Dear Team,

In DhanTV chart watchlist section required much improvement.
1-If stocks added in watchlist through dhanTV Scrip auto deletes from watchlist when I open TV next time, (If I added through Mobile app it remain available)

2-Sorting issue (by scrip name) in DhanTV

3- Presently only 99 scrip are allowed to add in watchlist it shoud be atleast 200

4-There shoud be sector wise pre defined watchlist like BankNifty, Nifty it, NiftyPharma, Nifty, NiftyMedia.etc. and in that watchlist sector chart and all major stocks should be present.
( Benefits- If a particular sector is bullish User will just go in that sector and findout the Trade opportunity, user friendly and time saving.

Hope you understand the improvements required.

Note- We gives these input based on issues faced while using prectically so request you please take it on priority.


Hi @yogesh86k

Thanks for your suggestions, noted them. Quick comments on these:

  1. Please check which watch-list you are adding the scrips to on TV - Dhan provides two system defined watchlists - Invested & Dhan FnO, if you add anything to these, they will reconcile automatically in few moments and additions will get auto updated / deleted.
  2. Yes, noted this.
  3. Dhan provides 1000 stocks per user, 10 x 100 items in watchlist to track. It’s possibly highest or one of highest in industry - and we are able to serve all in real-time despite the 1000 stocks. Very very few users are anywhere close to the 1000 limit at this point.
  4. We have few tghts on this, and exploring few things. We will work on same to improve the experience.

Point 1- I created new watchlist then add some stocks but they are automatically deleted.

Can you drop us a note on with your registered mobile number. Our team at @Dhan_Help will have this checked.

Don’t just count it as 10x100 = 1000 , we need separate watchlists to track different items in different watchlists, according to different strategies ! and market is dynamic & wide so 10 watchlist overall is really bad thing, atleast provide 20 watchlist (it’s okie if u Can’t add or provide more than Total of 1000 stocks limit) but need separate 20 watchlist or atleast 15 is essential rather than just 10 in so big dynamic market ! watchlists do affect Profit directly. plz consider this , & a separator or blank raw is must in the Watchlist so we can organise it better…

Welcome to Dhan community.

Noted this, Unlikely we will build this. I am not sure if anyone else also provides this. Transferring real-time data to 2000 stocks per user - is insanely heavy on data, resources, bandwidth. It will hamper performance of trading applications. It’s like running a half the exchange on every user. We always want to ensure we build features that balance the fast experience… on Dhan everything is real-time, we don’t want to slow down our experience or compromise on performance.

@PravinJ i am not telling u to go for 2000 stocks as of now (do it in future), currently at the earliest u can divide 1000 stocks into 15 watchlists instead of 10 , so we can organize it in better way… (also u guys can arrange like this also > 5 watchlists of 100 stocks = 500, 10 watchlists of 50 stocks = 500 , so total 1000) , doing that is also too much ???

I will have to review this. Currently we are building lot more on core trading systems, you will see some of them being announced in coming days: Upcoming Features on Dhan: For October & November

After that list, an updated version of Dhan Mobile app is scheduled. When we pick up newer things, we will let know.