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As we know, the financial markets are volatile. A change in the FED interest rate has a great impact on stock markets. That applies not only to the US but also to India. Recent events in Russia and Ukraine or say there is some war in the Middle East, such an event has a negative impact on equity markets while it will trigger Crude Oil prices to go up. The rise of crude oil prices helps companies like Hindalco, and Nalco as their profit margin improves.

The importance of global financial news cannot be underestimated. It helps investors and traders to know what is happening in the world and helps to make sound decisions. Hence, it is crucial to be in touch with the latest news so that one can be up to date with the expected outcome and speculate accurately.

Super Traders know that this market volatility is also an opportunity to make money in the markets. To enhance & simplify the entire process we have added a dedicated Live News section so that you can never miss out on such important events.

Here’s how you can check the Live News:

Tap on the Watchlist section and scroll to the News tab in the app header. Over here we can see all categorization of news, Company-specific news, and not just that, you can place an order on a single tab. :slight_smile:

Empowering our investors/traders has always been our goal. With this line of thought, we had introduced a systematic, fast and easier way to stay connected with the Market.

We hope you enjoy it when you visualise the lighting fast news experience on Dhan! Live on the app and soon on the web.

PS: Please note that Dhan is using the service of a professional vendor partner for providing news. Before making any investment or trading decision please do your own research.

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hey @Kiran ,

Seems to be a great feature! :heart_eyes:

What are the news sources? How do you ensure news is authentic and grabbed/delivered at the earliest?

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Couldn’t find the News section on the app as of now, nevertheless a good addition to the system.
Good Job.

Hey @amit,

Hope you are doing good!

We have tied up with partners who provides unique insight into macro news stories. They monitor all major newswires and other media services and have a network of traders, brokers, journalists, and analysts helping us deliver the information at lightning-fast speed.

Disclaimer: Before making any investment or trading decision, we request you to do your own research.


Hi @Vishk519,

Please wait for some time it will be available for all our users soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome @Kiran !


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:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :ok_hand:
Dhan is really doing amazing. It will soon come to number one. Please increase the loading speed of the position and order page.
I have a little problem with my scalping.

Thank you.

Hi @Ravinder_Sharma

Thank you, when you face this next time - please share a video of this with our customer support team on We will check this out.

Hey @PravinJ ,

When can we expect this news feed as ringing alerts?

And, preferably also user configuration for news alerts to opt for any specific news categories if not all.

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When will new features get live… News , sgx

Hey @PravinJ @Kiran ,

Can we please have News Notification similar to Trade Notification?

Hi @RupeeGym

they are live now: Introducing: SGX Nifty + Global Indices + Live VWAP on Dhan

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Hi @pushpa,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this we’ll surely incorporate this suggestion

Hey @PravinJ @Kiran ,

Isn’t there any global news after yesterday 7PM?

Also, I didn’t see any real-time updates of yesterday MPC announcements. Did you notice that?

Honestly, news without alert doesn’t make it useful. Waiting for news alerts.


Hi @pushpa,

As checked news is streaming fine. I really appreciate you helping us improve our process, We have noted your suggestion, and we’ll incorporate the same on priority

Hey @Kiran ,

You may use other apps to cross verify real-time delivery of News on Dhan platform.

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Hi @PravinJ @Kiran ,

Happy to see Live News alerts in the Dhan app! :heart_eyes:

Can you please look into why does it give me same alert twice always?

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You have two apps installed - Dhan app and Options trader app. May be you can turn off in app notification in one app to avoid this sort of duplication.

Thanks @t7support :slight_smile:

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