Introducing: Trader-friendly Quarterly / Monthly Running Account Settlement Process

Introducing: Trader-friendly Quarterly / Monthly Running Account Settlement Process

Dhan is built based on what our users share with us.

As a user-first and technology-driven trading & investment platform, we are on a constant mission to give you the best possible customer experience on Dhan. We have launched many industry-first features like Live Market Scanner, Instant / Fast Withdrawals, Group of Positions, Live P&L Span, Manage Your Positions, Instant Orders via TradingView, and much more.

We not only are innovating with technology with our consumer-facing platforms - Dhan, Options Trader, TradingView (, Dhan Trading APIs (, but also are innovating under the radar on our operations as well to make them extremely trader & investor friendly.

Starting today, we are introducing - Trader-friendly Quarterly / Monthly Running Account Settlement Process.

What does this mean for you?
SEBI requires stockbrokers to settle the credit balance in your Dhan Trading accounts at least once in 30 days (if you have not traded in this time) or in 90 days (Quarterly account settlement mandated for all). To put this simply - idle money lying in your trading account is sent back to your bank account.

What was the problem most traders complain about?
Traders do keep money in their trading accounts most of the time while they are waiting for the right opportunity to take a trade. At times it happens that they have an opportunity to trade, and when they go ahead to execute an order, it doesn’t go through because the stock broking platform has settled the account and money goes back to the bank account.

So in such scenarios, the trader has now to add money back to their trading account and then take a trade. For many traders, this is frustrating and in addition to the extra time - they may lose the opportunity to trade due to this.

How is Dhan solving for this?
It’s dead simple - we will not settle your account on trading days, we do it a bit in advance on weekends, the one that is closest to your settlement day.

I want to keep money in Dhan, can I skip this settlement?
No. It is mandatory for us as Stock Brokers to send you the money via the settlement process. There is no way you can skip this even if it is OK for you to keep money in the Dhan account.

What happens on exception days, say on Bank Holidays or Non-working days?
Only in such cases, funds will be settled on weekends and the money will hit your bank account before trading hours on Monday.

With Dhan, now you get your idle funds back to your bank account before the settlement cycle (be it monthly or quarterly). We will also inform you when the settlement happens, so you know this is being done and if you have to do any investment or trade, you can go ahead and add money to your Dhan account, either via UPI, Net Banking or Smart Transfer.

PS: You may already know that adding money to your Dhan trading account via any method is Free.

Operations Team
Rajesh Jain


Hey @Rajesh @PravinJ ,

Is it possible to send advanced notification for upcoming settlement before couple of days, so the trader can buy liquidbees in order to avoid to and fro of idle balance?

Yes, we will introduce that soon.


Awesome. This is a super duper feature from Dhan. Great going guys.

This is a very good decision made by Dhan. What used to be a monthly and quarterly running account settlement elsewhere seemed a bit complicated. This decision taken by Dhan has given their clients a better option. Moreover, it makes it very easy for every Dhan user to do accounting. In addition to this, as a broker, it has to be said that the broker is also relieved from the obligation of keeping the funds of the clients with them i.e. in the trading account of each user.

Well thought, for identifying the latent needs of customers