Request for Optimized order window in

Currently in if we place an order directly from the options chain the order window remains below the option chain by default, can it be possible if the order window opens above the option chain by default? I know it is not a necessary feature but it would be great for some users like me.

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Hi @imsahadeb We had attempted to do that, however the Order Panel on is a native experience of TradingView and we cannot change that. Products like Options Chain, Future Chain, Market Depth, etc are ones that we generate over as an overlay (just as you mentioned).

For now, it can’t be done. If in future there are changes that allow to enable - we will surely think of this.

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First of all thanks @PravinJ for your fast reply. As you mentioned that because of the native Tradingview order panel it is not possible, can it be possible to provide a customized order window with a switch option for the user to choose between native and custom? I think customized will not have any problem as you said. Because other brokers have already done that.


We want to retain the native TradingView experience. We recently launched trade via TradingView as well - so now the experience is consistent on both TradingView platforms.

Additionally we aim to more features on TradingView, which is better supported via the TradingView order placement experience.

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I actually prefer the native TradingView order window. Please don’t change it.

Just one modification request, please make the options contract name clean, right now too much stuff is there

very crowded

Neat and Clean with full date

And just write CE instead of CALL and save space.

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this is my main concern… & as i am habituated to take trades from option chain… it is quite inconvenient for me to take different CE PE trades quickly in last two hours of expiry… they order window always stays behind the option chin & even if we make the window to unpin or pop out & drag it to the desired place on screen , the next time it doesn’t open there , again goes to defult place & stays behind. so everytime whenever u want to place orders quickly it’s quite inconvenient.

They almost every time just say we wanted to keep native experience but what about the “bad experience & problems we have when it’s just a default native experience.” you don’t care about that ??? atleast do some jugad, agreements or settings for some changes like 1)default order type to Normal order or intraday order, 2) order window pop up at desired place on page everytime we open it. 3) show margin requirements & available margin before placing an order.

These 3 points which said in last is really important for trader like me… i really mean it’s highly important for me !

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I don’t know why they want to keep the native one. Those who need native experience can use native Tradingview instead of, for traders like us who require frequent and fast trade execution native one is annoying for us as you said.


Hi @imsahadeb : You can enable instant orders on and trade directly from charts.

This sentence annoying me.
If you people want to deploy “what you want” then why you ask for “feedback from user…??”

Best way provide both options "what you want " & "what user want "

User will decide which way to go & stop this discussion (which is never ending…)

We have lots of users who love capabilities of TradingView and we are building a lot on that + working with TradingView teams to build integrations that gets enabled the same way.

For users who would like Dhan order placement experience - we have packaged all TradingView capabilities and provided them on as well.

That’s how products are built. We acknowledge all feedback we get and make note of that, do our best to ensure we put things together in a seamless experience. Will we be able to accommodate all requests - answer is no. Will we try - yes we do.

First of all make your facts correct Man, let’s say Few points for our @Rich Man ,

looks like you don’t even know few things about Native tradingview experience , users & business psychology.

anyways when u say " instant orders, Can only be possible with native TradingView" so please retain it!"
Man , it will be there even if they do some changes what we suggested, even fyers have that with their customize tradingview platform ! so , No changes to your instant orders, so plz whenever some good needy necessary suggestions come, hold your nerves tight & don’t spoil or implement your view as if it is the view of the most like the way you said 5 vs 500, Do u alone represent 500 or most of the users ??

well let’s cool down, plz understand that we are not commanding or behaving as if we own Dhan or bossy natured, we were requesting it For many days & User feedbacks are the most important in any business which wants to grow significantly.

well what to say when u hv no idea that Instant orders work as it is even if they customize order window (order type > intraday order/normal order) (order window pop up at desired place on page) (show margin requirements & available margin before placing an order)…

From all these, nothing affects your Native Trading view experience @Rich Man, then why are you spoiling our suggestions?

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@Rich @PravinJ

the suggested changes doesn’t affect the instant orders
we also like instant orders (& we use it too) but it has it’s own limiations & downside (e.g.) instant orders work like a charm in index options with small qty but hurt to large qty for their slippages also it’s not that good for stock options as spread cannot be good manytimes.

so MR, @Rich , whenever we have set instant orders enable , we can’t place instant orders just for index options & we place normal limit orders for stock options on a volatile day. People who trade both can’t just keep instant orders enabled all the time plz understand. we do use it whenever it’s needy. & our all suggestions don’t affect this feature at all.

@PravinJ well , when u said, "For users who would like Dhan order placement experience , we have packaged all TradingView capabilities and provided them on as well "

the main reason why we prefer dhan TradingView as our trading & ordering platform is because we can directly place an order from multiple layout charts & add or shift to different option charts & place orders accordingly. multi layout chart & quick shifting of different strike chart for ordering is only possible in tradingview not in request you to plz Don’t forget this. that’s y we request to give more power & little customization for order window in Tv.dhan. i hope u unnderstand our emotions & attachments !

Chill guys! How about this now?

With Extension:


Without Extension:


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Oops, I missed to reply you. Sorry!

Pls wait for it man, some more testing is going on, as there were API order modification issues from DhanHQ, once it’s fixed, it will be soon rolled out :slight_smile:


Yeah I know I replied :heart_eyes:

What I meant is, there is an API issue, so could not send it to you for testing as most of the calls will fail. :sweat_smile:

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That’s quite not possible with extension alone @Rich, it’s just a client library,

Let’s say, If you place a “TV Instant Order Placement” with a Limit price, then the target order needs to be placed only after the Limit order is executed right. So we need to listen for tradeExecuted event either via webhooks or via some queuing system (Needs Backend for that)

One way I can think without involving Backend stuff is, When triggering “Instant Order”, we can trigger placing TGT/SL order together (never bother trade executed or not, but simply place TGT/SL order). We have to manage the leg manually.

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Something I already planned to integrate into Dhan like below,

Manual MIS

PS: But this order has to be managed manually.

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What is this?? The video size is very small, I can’t see anything… please explain

@vinay_sd17 Please name the extension
(if you can’t name here please dm me)