Introducing: Dhan Trading API Bridge

Now place trades directly from AmiBroker, Excel Sheets, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, and other consoles with Dhan

Hello Traders,

By now you must have got the core of Dhan, we are a technology-first broker and have delivered many innovative and industry-first features over the past few months and will continue to. We keep technology, product & customer-experience at the forefront of everything we do, and seek suggestions and feedback actively from traders & investors when we build Dhan for you.

We know trading is a very subjective thing and so are the traders. Each trader has its own distinct style and system for trading, and many active traders use trading platforms of their own to analyse and execute them with Dhan. We understand this, and as a first step introduced our partnership with TradingView to bring Trade from Chart to you - first one and then enhanced it further with introducing instant order placement and bringing the same experience in Dhan Mobile Apps and Web.

We understand that the next set of traders will focus a lot of systematic trading & algo trading, to facilitate that we brought our extensive suite of Trading APIs with DhanHQ - with comprehensive API Docs, Developer Kit, SDK Libraries, Swagger, and more - all at

Taking this even further, we are excited to announce Dhan Trading API Bridge - which helps you trade systematically, connects with your trading systems like AmiBroker, Excel Sheets, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, and other consoles and trade using Dhan.

What is the Dhan API Bridge?

It is a windows desktop application, which connects the platform of choice with your Dhan trading account. It is available in two modes -

  • Paper Trading Mode
  • Live Trading Mode

To subscribe and download the application click here and see the setup instructions here. Make sure you subscribe to both modes separately.

How to get a username & password for Dhan API Bridge?

Click on the subscribe button here and fill in the desired fields in the form. Input your Dhan registered mobile number & email address. Verify the email-id with OTP. After successful submission of the form, you will get an email with your username & password for API Bridge.

Is Dhan API Bridge chargeable?

Paper Trading mode is free of cost.

For Live Trading the cost is 499 + taxes per month.

And for the first 100 early users & active traders with Dhan API Bridge, we are providing it for free of cost.

Drop us a mail describing us of your usage, and we will get back to you.

How to connect Dhan API Bridge with a 3rd party application (platform of choice)?

The detailed setup instruction for each of the platforms like Amibroker, Ninjatrader, MT4/5, TradingView & Excel is explained here. Follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned for your use case and you are ready to trade.

Hope this answers most of your doubts & queries about API Bridge. Soon we will be doing a live webinar on how to use the Dhan API Bridge & connect it with different applications. Will keep you posted.

Happy Trading!


Awesome once again. Is there an option to feed data in to trading application like Amibroker or should there already be a data connection to Amibroker and the api bridge just places the order ?

@Naman @PravinJ @Dhan_Help

Hi @Naman

Can you create a feature to connect via dhan credentials like other brokers. So that one can login and trade on trading view using dhan just like many indian broker provide the same functionality with Gocharting but no one provide the same with trading view.


This will be an extra feature if you guys could do it that would be awesome but if not then that’s ok too.
Sorry, we have all become greedy and asking a lot from you guys.

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Hi @Sahil

Feedback noted on this. On TradingView - you will have access only to Equity & Futures data, not Options, you can use the same TradingView console with our webhooks from Dhan. More here: Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

Feedback noted @Ne47sin-27. Welcome to Dhan community.

It would be really good if you can also provide a platform to feed data into softwares like Amibroker and Ninja Trader. There are existing options but they aren’t exactly user friendly ones and setting up data feed is not at all easy. Dhan can do it much much better. @PravinJ

Hi @gegobyte Thanks for your kind words, there is only little we can do when it comes to improving products that are not ours.

We have tons of interesting things to ship and build for our users on Dhan, and many exciting features are coming up on Dhan: Upcoming Features on Dhan: for September & October

Is there a way, without creating alert we can place direct order from trading view, also is it possible to place Bracket Order for delivery trades not only Intraday like the feature we have in trading view where the time in force can be Week or Month, complete integration with trading view.

This feature will be very helpful for trader.


We keep on exploring possibilities on what we can build on top of charts. Have made a note of this feedback., but to be honest there are limitations on the features that get extended - if things are made available to us - we will do that.

Hi Pravin thanks for the reply, if we can have this feature complete integration with trading view and Bracket order for delivery trades , GTT this will make trading easier for working professional.


Hello Sir, This is Parveen From Algocrab. I wish to Integrate the API’s of DHAN to our platform. Kindly Help!

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Hi @Algocrab

Request you to please drop us a email on and our team will connect with you.

Thank You, We have successfully Linked the APIs of Dhan and Now Our Platform is ready to use via Dhan. 6 Days Free Trial is available. Login and try the Algo Crab

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hello. is it available for trading view in Mac ?

Hi @Karthik

As of now, Dhan API Bridge is available only for windows. Alternatively, we have integration with AlgoCrab as well, that may help you.

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Dear Praveen,

Can we place a alert from tradingview to just buy 2 ITM BNF call option at market price for 2 lots option in your platform.

And i want to keep all the things dynamic.

Because i am a pine script coder and i am using algoji but dhan api is not compatible with algoji.

I have many custom strategies which gives alerts to buy option legs using tradingview

I want to integrate the same so i can place orders on dhan…

Plz ping me on watsapp 9164671106

Hello @Shylaja

You should check out our API Bridge Platform - Dhan Trading API Bridge. This should help you as you are already using API Bridge.

You can also look into Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan. Do reach out to us on @Dhan_Help for any support.

Hello @Hardik ,

Problem is API bridge is not working since 1 month and many users are struggling.

It always reads as to do mandatory fields. Only button trading is working at present from Api bridge.

Hello @Shylaja

This should not be happening. I would request you to drop a detailed note on this error at We will look into it immediately and deploy fixes. Also, can you confirm if this is desktop terminal only?